In 2014,  a group of researchers and scientists from the Research Triangle area of North Carolina came together to informally meet and discuss common themes of work on addressing the impacts of traditional and primitive fuel use in developing countries. Their fields of work span applied physical and social science, health and engineering research. The group met periodically, hosted seminars and invited researchers from the field to give lectures.

In 2015, the group decided to formalize itself and this collaboration. The Triangle Research Initiative on Household Energy Transitions (TRI-HET) was set up in  November 2015. The goal of TRI-HET is to develop an influential presence on issues of indoor air pollution, access to energy and the transition of households from dirtier sources of fuel, technology and energy to cleaner ones. Six major educational institutions, federal agencies and research non-profits collaborate to form TRI-HET. Researchers, practitioners and students from North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Duke University, RTI International, Environment Protection Agency and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences meet four times a year to discuss current projects and research outcomes, plan joint seminars with visiting scholars and keep up-to-date with on-going work at the national and international level. This website highlights the individual efforts of the institutions and people in this group as well as the collaborative work as a group.

TRI-HET has over 40 members form these 6 institutions and an Executive Committee with one representative from each institution. The rotating secretariat of the Executive Committee is currently chaired by Subhrendu Pattanayak from Duke University.

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