Grieshop Atmosphere and Environment Lab, North Carolina State University


The Grieshop Atmosphere and Environment Lab is the research group of Dr. Andrew Grieshop, in theDepartment of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineeringat North Carolina State University.

The Lab’s research focuses on understanding the sources, atmospheric evolution and impacts of aerosols (airborne particulate matter) and other air pollutants. Projects include work measuring in-use emissions from mobile (e.g. auto-rickshaws) and stationary (e.g. cookstoves) combustion sources and developing a more complete understanding of how they evolve once in the atmosphere. Dr.Grieshop is  also interested in developing simple modeling tools to quantify the impacts that air pollution emissions can have on personal exposure, urban air pollution and climate change.

Dr. Grieshop is interested in conducting research in both domestic and international settings – the latter is where the impacts of environmental pollution are often most drastically felt. For example, the header photo shows the skyline of Delhi, India, where air pollution levels are typically far higher than are ever experienced in the US. To see this in another way, check out this animated map of Delhi’s current air quality forecast showing levels well above those allowed by standards in the US.  The group is doing work to help clear skies all over the world.



Andrew Grieshop, Assistant Professor, Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering

Erin Sills, Professor, Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources

Roshan Wathore, PhD candidate, Environmental Engineering, NCSU

Stephen Recce, PhD candidate, Environmental Engineering, NCSU


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Visit the Grieshop Lab’s website for more information.