The FUEL Lab, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill


The FUEL lab provides developing country policy makers, non-governmental organizations, bilateral and multilateral donors, and the academic community with state-of-the-art knowledge on forest reliance in developing countries.  Our focus is understanding the welfare implications of natural resource management and other sectoral policies that affect the access and use of forest resources.

The FUEL lab has three thematic areas: energy poverty; forest governance; and forests and livelihoods.  Members of the FUEL lab combine research design and methods from applied economics, institutional analysis, environmental science, and policy analysis to address problems surrounding these three research themes.  The Lab is led by Dr. Pam Jagger who has a joint appointment in the Department of Public Policy and in the Curriculum for Ecology and the Environment at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Dr. Jagger is a Faculty Fellow at the Carolina Population Center and a Senior Research Associate with the Center for International Forestry Research in Bogor, Indonesia.



Ipsita Das, PhD Candidate, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Joe Pedit, Environmental Engineer, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Pamela Jagger, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill


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